Traveling the World to Find God

In the sky, in the sea, in our heads, in our feet. Where is our God? People travel the world looking for what may or may not be found. People travel the world and find things they didn’t know they were looking for. Spain is filled with the most beautiful cathedrals. People searching for God or simply seeking beauty make trips just to marvel at the angelic (quite literally!) architecture. Every time I step foot inside a church I find myself interacting with and observing people from around the globe. People on the hunt to see the best churches in the world.


Emily Bucher (left) and her mother Dawn Bucher (right) visiting the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid, Spain.

This mother and daughter duo from New Jersey, USA have been traveling around Spain and visiting as many churches as they can. The mother, Dawn Bucher, says her mother is “very very catholic, so much so she’d miss her own birthday party before she’d miss mass”.  Dawn herself says she believes in God, but is still searching for her connection to Catholicism. What better place to do it than here in Spain.  Dawn’s daughter, Emily, told me that seeing such rich history in churches throughout Spain has made her realize that it’s impossible that it’s all made up.


Inside of Almudena Cathederal, Madrid, Spain.

Looking at the beauty that surrounds me I must agree with Emily. Either for centuries and centuries this world is full of fools, or faith must be for real. Generation after generation families pass on the traditions and travel the world for the best worship places.

IMG_5377 (2)

Iglesia del Salvador, Seville, Spain.

At first the concept of traveling with the sole purpose of visiting churches can sound like a bore. Nevertheless, there’s a whole population of people that do it. These individuals are seeing some of the best man-made creations this world has to offer. Maybe they find a relationship with God and maybe they don’t. Maybe Dawn finds her connection to Catholicism and maybe she doesn’t. One thing is certain for all of them, they all travel to find beauty in some form. Regardless if one finds what they’re looking for, pure paralyzing beauty does not disappoint.


Seville Cathedral


Dawn Bucher and others praying in a separate prayer room at the Almudena Cathedral.


Alter in Iglesia del Salvador. Seville, Spain.


Almudena Cathedral


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