Pasta for His People

Instead of looking for the best food Spain offers, I took an alternative route. Accompanied by my good friend and colleague, Jasleen Karir, we were on the hunt for where there was a lack of food. Like any community around the world Spain also has struggles with hunger. Unlike other places around the world, they do a great job feeding their hungry people. While in Bilbao I visited a soup kitchen, San Antonio De Iralabarri. Antonio Perez, the head of the organization, took the time to show us around and tell us all about what they do. All the food is donated except the meat and fish and they have over 80 volunteers each week. Due to this generosity people can eat until they’re full and then take more food to go. My heart was full watching the people fill their stomachs. Moments before serving the food Perez told me about the soup kitchen’s mission, serving Jesus by serving His people pasta. A silly catch-phrase on the surface becomes beautiful when watching hungry mouths be fed. While we were unable to film everyone eating due to legal issues, we were lucky enough to get clips of the behind the scenes set-up and clean-up.

Many thanks to Antonio Perez, Comedor San Antonio De Iralabarri, and Jasleen Karir for helping make this video possible!


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